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When I first started this online 12-week program I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, I wasn’t someone who was new to the gym or the idea of a healthy lifestyle but I was definitely in need of a new challenge and a bit more motivation. I was given a tailored made meal plan and training plan each week, which grew with intensity as the weeks progressed.

When I started the program, I (like most people) was completely obsessed with aesthetics and wanted my ‘Transformation Tuesday’ by any means necessary and needed it by my birthday. My goal was to get rid of all ‘problem areas’ like my back fat, my stomach etc. However, as the weeks progressed I started to develop new goals, I wanted to get stronger and fitter. The first few weeks of the program was difficult mainly because of the change to my diet. Meals were portioned controlled which a massive shock to the system as I had no idea how much I had been consuming, all the while believing I already had a ‘healthy lifestyle’. Being strict and disciplined took time and was not easy.

By week 6 I wanted to throw in the towel. In my opinion, I was tired of not seeing the quick results I wanted and felt completely defeated as I was working super hard. Nonetheless, Mel was there to hold my hand throughout the whole process. After an hour-long phone call, in which he poured out nothing but positivity and motivation, I was ready again to finish the program, he reiterated again and again that it is a process and I just need to see it through. Throughout the 12 weeks I communicated with Mel daily, whether it was with regards to explaining a particular exercise or foods I could eat in a restaurant, he was available.

Now what I have learnt! Firstly, I have learnt that this program is perfect if you’re already self-motivated. I never missed a single workout (yay me) and secondly your results are all the dependent on YOU, how open and honest you choose to be, in short, the more you put in the more you get out. I learnt I had to be honest when I was struggling so that we could go back to the drawing board and make it work, at the end of the day the online program is a partnership between the two people involved. Mel constantly asked for progress reports and video/pics, which really helps as it forces you to remain engaged with the program and allows you to track your progress effectively.

My birthday came around and although my ‘problem’ areas were not completely gone, I could finally see the changes in my body, I felt sexy in my birthday dress (and everyone else seemed to think so as well), but more so, I was proud of myself for completing the 12 weeks. I was stronger and so much fitter than when I first started. From barely managing to bench press 15kg, I could now do 60kg, from squatting with 20kg, to being about to squat with 80-90kg, the other day I was finally able to do 2 pull ups (completely unassisted) that may not sound like an achievement to most but lifting my own bodyweight is something that has always seemed to be an impossible task, one that I had thought was better left ‘for the boys’.

Overall I have grown in confidence, which is the most important thing, I have learnt that I do need more than 12 weeks, but now I am happy I have started the journey towards a much better lifestyle. It’s funny because I’ve even started wearing crop tops to the gym, which is something I always wanted to do but never felt confident enough. In this world that is drowning under the weight of unrealistic social media expectations, Mel has seriously educated me on fitness and health and now I am more interested in what my actual body is meant to look like as opposed to pinning over one that is not my own.

I recommend this program to anyone who needs a bit more assistance and guidance in their fitness journey. The program was very affordable, challenging, useful and Mel’s hands on approach made it fun. Thank you Mel for everything, you’re a star!

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