Based in London, FitnetPro Ltd was formed in 2016 by Director and Founder, Mel Moyo, otherwise known as ‘Mel J’.

Our main objective is to provide affordable, accessible and bespoke online personal training to assist clients in achieving their health and fitness goals. We make it a priority to actively guide you towards better health through personalised support, encouragement, and education.

What makes us different?

Our Coaching…

We look deeper than just exercise and nutrition plans. Our coaching service provides a thought provoking and inspired process that motivates clients to maximise their potential, and most of all, achieve the results they desire. We provide access to highly qualified professionals who act as educators and accountability partners, which effectively encourages clients to make lasting lifestyle changes to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

We get to know you as an individual, not just what you ate yesterday, but what motivates you, why you want to achieve these results, why it is important and why now? Adaptability and understanding are fundamental components of our coaching philosophy, which are designed to foster behaviour change and encourage consistency. We look to implement the most suitable cognitive behavioural strategies to facilitate change. Whether you need clear instructions and you’re ok to get on with it, or if you need more hands on support and understanding in certain areas, we are here to help.

It’s Goal orientated…

Setting SMART goals is a vital part of the process. We encourage you to feel challenged by these goals, but not so overwhelmed by them that you get confused and lose sight of what is important. Setting achievable, weekly goals, as small as they may be, are why this process works as well as it does. The bigger picture is important, but what do you need to do on a day-to-day basis to get there?

It’s Personal…

We implement diverse coaching strategies as we realise that clients have their own individual goals, fitness levels and degrees of personalised support required. FitnetPro are committed to finding the most effective ways to help you and believe providing a personalised approach better equips you for the challenges of daily life i.e. managing time, creating healthy habits, accountability and making commitments.

Hi I’m Mel,

I have spent 12 years as a Personal Trainer and Fitness manager, operating in different gyms in London and Dubai, UAE. Over the years I’ve gained thousands of hours’ experience in one-on-one, group and online personal training. I am most passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences to help people transform their lives and achieve results.


  • BSc Sports Science
  • Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes Management
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 GP & Exercise Referral
  • Behaviour Change & Motivational Coach
  • Sports Nutrition
  • CrossFit L1

My main objectives are to:

Personalise the journey
with bespoke services that will support people throughout the process.

Simplify the journey
using habit based coaching methods to support long lasting lifestyle changes, overcome obstacles and get results.

Educate and provide knowledge
that can be applied with ease. With applied knowledge you are better placed to succeed.

Achieve results

I came up with FitnetPro to provide a bespoke quality of health, fitness and lifestyle coaching from expert professionals, to a wider audience.

I am often asked what type of training is best for fat loss, or which foods help you lose weight, but are these the right questions for the answers people actually want? Access to information doesn’t necessarily solve the problem and I put this down to the application of knowledge. Many people who want to lose weight or gain muscle can easily obtain the information on how to do so yet obesity is still on the rise. It’s so important to keep things simple, using interventions that help you maintain habits whilst staying within the remit of fat loss science.

I have been on a weight loss journey myself and I understand the challenges people face i.e. the cravings, the binge eating at night or not making time to exercise. My personal challenge was to lose 10kg of body fat in 12 weeks. Yes, I did it but, if I didn’t have the right boundaries and systems in place to ensure I was doing what I needed to do, it would have been a very difficult process. As weeks progressed, I developed the awareness for over eating, understanding when I was actually satisfied and not eating just to clear my plate. Simple things like food shopping when I was hungry affected my mood. It left me hungry, craving palatable foods and often resulted in impulse buying when I got to the supermarket till. All I needed to do was eat before heading out and write a shopping list so I bought exactly what I needed. If the high fat, sugary foods are not in the house you can’t eat them, right? I learned a lot about discipline, the obstacles I would face because of my sweet tooth and more importantly, how to overcome them.

Change starts with understanding yourself, considering life aspects that will help or hinder your process and having the confidence to carry out the necessary actions consistently. Everybody wants results so it’s also important to understand how your environment can influence behaviours. This awareness puts you in a greater position to create and maintain long lasting healthy lifestyle habits. At FitnetPro, we aspire to identify the best methods to get the most out of you, whilst ensuring you get the most out of us.


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