Dina, Dubai

 In Transformations


7 months before I found Mel, it hit me!

I was looking in the mirror and noticed I couldn’t fit into my work clothes anymore…Eeek!!!

Daily routines and stress of work took over my life, physically and mentally. It was draining me.

I started heading to the gym to lose the weight I had unintentionally gained, only to get bored after 3 weeks. I almost lost hope but still wanted to see what my body could achieve.
So…I got curious and decided to have a dedicated Personal Trainer…and to be honest, without Mel I wouldn’t have made this decision.

The workouts he gave me were intense and consisted of bodyweight circuits and weightlifting. There would be days where I was lazy to workout but every morning when I woke up I thanked myself for not giving up. Mel kept me so motivated and determined to achieve more.

Thank you Mel for being a friend and a Personal Trainer to me. Thank you for your patience and pushing me to my limits. Without you I wouldn’t have achieved these results.