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I have recently completed Phase 2 & 3 of the FitnetPro Body Plan Program…

I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit but I have never been able to maintain a schedule. I also had very little knowledge of the right kind of workouts I should be doing and the nutrition I should be eating.

Phase 2 came along at a perfect time. Just before I started the program I had been doing regular 30/40minute workouts (majority cardio) with some friends 5 days a week. My stamina had increased and I’d lost some body fat, but realised during this that I needed help targeting certain areas. I now wanted to maintain my fitness goals and make this a lifestyle change that I could maintain.

After completing Phase 2 & 3 I feel I know a lot more about my nutrition and how having the correct macros can help me achieve my goals. I may not have liked the first two weeks of a smaller macro intake but I saw the results so I learnt to be patient with the process. The workout plans have been amazing too! I needed to work on my strength and these workouts certainly pushed me!

The program really helped me in that it gave me structure to my week, helped me to have a healthier diet, and the 1-1 help made me feel confident I could make it through the 4 weeks. Help was always readily available, with some banter too which made it more enjoyable. I feel like my questions were always answered and my doubts eased, especially when I began to see gradual changes in my body.

I’m looking forward to increasing my strength more in the next phase, but I can already see a difference. This has also been a real help with my mental health. I now understand how important regular exercise can be with this. So I appreciate the constant help and knowing someone was keeping an eye on me because it helped me to keep up with the program.

I can’t believe how quickly the 8 weeks went!

Thank you again for improving my knowledge and helping me to be a healthier me!

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