Edward, England

 In Transformations

Before I started… I only used to do cardio (cycling).

The main goal was to just to be fitter and re shape, mainly losing body fat and gaining muscle. The plan was to then transition into training for a triathlon.

Mel has focused on areas where I can see visual improvement quickly – back, & shoulders. I am now 7kg down.

Mel’s relaxed, has a professional attitude, his knowledge is delivered professionally without being condescending.

I think people worry about what other people think of them in the Gym. This didn’t apply for me though!

For someone who might be on the fence, I would say that it is a great thing to do and you learn so much about your body and how you can make changes.

I enjoy not needing to think too much during sessions, it clears the mind as Mel does all the thinking and programming to keep things safe and challenging.

What made me happiest was seeing the results in my back quickly. I now enjoy weight training and feel I can do it safely. Great experience and highly recommended!

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