Bogdan, England

 In Transformations

Before I started, life was pretty dull…

I was looking for a workout routine that would help me increase in size slightly, while staying flexible for Muay Thai and potentially getting stronger for my climbing.

Initially, my main concern was that I would lose this flexibility that I wanted to preserve but, this wasn’t the case, thankfully.

My achievements…

I definitely became stronger and also had a more balanced mental state due to our workouts and ongoing support.

What made happiest during our training period was Mel’s calming and relaxed nature.

I felt a motivated by his approach, the mix of targeted strength and mobility exercises and his flexibility in accommodating my schedule.

Now that I have had this experience, I know that workouts and ongoing support can add a lot to one’s everyday life.

Don’t think Mel’s exercises are all about strength – they are well rounded. He is a pianist too after all!

For anyone who might be on the fence, my advice is simple – Don’t hesitate!

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