Are you ready to make change?

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“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

The word ‘change’ is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety.

Many of us associate anxiety with danger or unwelcome events and circumstances. The reality is, any time you’re out of your comfort zone, you’re going to feel anxious.

If you want to change, achieve your goals and become the person you know you want and need to be, you don’t only need to master, cultivate and perfect a process, you have be willing to sacrifice, let go of old habits…and understand your Why?

We tend to focus on the quantitative targets without fully understanding the qualitative and more emotional drivers.

Is losing that 10kg of body fat what you really want?…Why?…Is looking different important to you? …Or is it how you want to feel that is most important?…Why?…What would feeling like this mean to you? …What plans have you put in place to make this change?

Changing how you act will only change how you feel if you change both your actions and your thoughts.

Steps to Change Anxious Feelings:

Step 1. Figure out your emotion. 
Emotions can be complicated and confusing. Figuring out what you are feeling is an important first step. Are underlying feelings of nervousness influencing your anxiety?

Step 2. Ask yourself what action goes with that emotion. 
Avoidance generally goes with fear. Anxiety often has an impact on our thoughts. Anxious thoughts are often repetitive and focused on possible negative outcomes. Do you fear failure?

Step 3. Think! Do I want to reduce my levels of anxiety?
It makes sense to try to change those feelings, but only if you want change.

Step 4. Figure out what the opposite action is. 
The opposite of avoidance is approach. in this case, the fear and anxiety changing how you act only works if your fear is not justified. i.e. you are not in physical danger or under threat.

Step 5. Do the opposite action all the way. 
Act differently in both your actions and thoughts. Acting differently, without thinking differently won’t work. You have to do both

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