10 Ways To Curb Cravings

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Ever thought of why we go for sweet things?

Carbohydrates stimulate the release of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin. Sugar is a carbohydrate, but carbohydrates come in other forms, too, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

The taste of sugar also releases endorphins that calm and relax us, and offer a natural “high,” Sweets just taste good and that preference gets reinforced by rewarding ourselves with sweet treats, which can make you crave it even more.

The problem comes not when we indulge in a sweet treat now and then, but when we over consume something that’s easy to do when sugar is added to many processed foods, including breads, yogurt, juices, and sauces.


10 Ways To Curb Cravings

1. Brush your teeth – It makes you less likely to indulge.

2. Chew gum Chewing gum can not only freshen your breath but studies have shown that it can actually help you to control cravings, manage hunger, and promote weight loss.

3. Plan on giving in – Depriving a sweet tooth is a recipe for disaster. Don’t cut things out so you binge later. Instead, try allotting up to a fifth of your daily calorie allowance to the sweet of your choice.

4. Reach for fruit – Keep fruit handy for when sugar cravings hit. You’ll get fibre and nutrients along with some sweetness. And stock up on foods like nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

5. Get up and go – When a sugar craving hits, walk away. Go for a walk or change the scenery to take your mind off the food you’re craving.

6. Eat regularly – Waiting too long between meals may set you up to choose sugary, fatty foods. Instead, eating every three to five hours can help keep blood sugar stable and help you avoid irrational eating behaviour.

7. Reward yourself  – For successfully managing sugar cravings. Your reward could be large or small. Remember why you’re working on it and then reward yourself for each successful step.

8. Get support – Many people turn to sweet foods when they’re stressed, depressed, or angry. But food doesn’t solve emotional issues. Consider whether emotions are involved in your sugar cravings and whether you need help to find other solutions to those emotional problems.

9. Stay Busy – Boredom can lead to mindless eating. Call a friend, read a book, go bowling – anything to stop yourself from eating just because you don’t have anything else to do. You could even go to a movie, but walk right past the popcorn to your seat.

10. Make it inconvenient – A lot of time just seeing a sugary food or knowing that we have something in our pantry is what actually causes our cravings. If you remove all temptation this can help to curb your sugar cravings.

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