Eve, England

 In Transformations

Before I started training with Mel, life was pretty stressful. I had no time for myself.

I had no idea where to start before I started. I had no confidence in what to do or even in my ability.

I thought maybe it would be a waste of time/money however after my first session I knew it was well worth it and that he would help change that.

What I liked most about the sessions was that training enabled me to switch off from work/life stresses. We had a laugh each session which made training a lot more fun.

For anybody who might be on the fence about getting started, I’d say give it a go! With the right trainer working out will be fun, it’ll give you confidence and allow you to become a better version of yourself.

During the months spent with Mel I changed my body shape, shifted some weight and found muscle definition I never knew I had! I’ve got confidence in myself and gained self-love.

The three main benefits I experienced as a result of Personal Training with Mel were:

– Self confidence

– A love of fitness

– A waist 😜

Now that I’ve experienced this service, I know taking an hour out of my day to work on myself is not selfish…It has certainly helped me grow and develop into a better person.

I have spent just over a year training with Mel and I have loved every session (even if I didn’t think that mid-way through!) he has pushed me, understood me, helped me gain my confidence and find a love for training. I loved having someone to push me further and believe in me right the way through.

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