Erkan, England

 In Transformations

8 Week Burn N’ Build Challenger🔥🔥🔥

New member of Team Taper!🔻🔻🔻⚔️⚔️⚔️

The mindset shift…the body change… the late night sessions…I applaud it👏🏾

He’s not had this physique for over 10 years!

We got just over 5KG Off📉


Here’s what he had to say…

A big thank you for the guidance over the last 8 weeks…

Physically the best I’ve felt in years.

I’ve learned so much and can continue the journey.

Getting me training again really gave me a confidence boost. I’m not one that has anxiety/depression but when I’m not training I lack self-belief. Getting back into physical activity gave me my ‘light’ back and was what I needed to believe I had what it took to get the promotion at work. I was in the interview buzzing with energy and it made the difference.

Training didn’t make me better at my job but it made me realise how much I had to offer.

Thank you”

How did he do it…?

1️⃣ Attacked each session with intensity!

2️⃣ Progressed lifts weekly

3️⃣ Attacked Cardio and NEAT

4️⃣ He followed the plan.

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