My Transformation

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12 Months and 22KG ago 📉🚨

The guy on the left got left in 2020!


It’s exactly 12 months since I looked in the mirror and decided enough was enough…time to get into the shape of my life and document the journey.

Level up, then level up some more…that’s the motto💯

Whenever we achieve a goal, the goalposts move and we often end up chasing the next goal…the next level. This is the expectation I set myself in life, not just physique goals.

I’ve always been big on self development!


I’d let myself go, still trained but ate whatever could fit my mouth…

There’s no going back now.


All you need is a plan, follow it, get daily tasks done and before you know it…you’ve WOW’d yourself and inspired others around you.

4.5 weeks out from show day and I’m buzzing…it’s been a long round but I’m excited to see where we are next year!

Bigger and better!!!

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