Why is a supportive social network important for weight loss?

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Social Support!

Social support is a necessity not just for fat loss, but all health and fitness goals.

Finding support for your fat loss efforts can mean the difference between success and failure.

To build and maintain your support network:

Stay in touch – When we overeat, it’s easy to feel ashamed and isolate ourselves. Social support can be crucial in getting us back on track. Answer those phone calls, emails and texts, even when you’re feeling down.

Recognise the importance of give and take – Express your appreciation for support and be ready to return the favour and help others achieve their own health and fitness goals.

Learn who is best in what role – It is important to understand who provides the support you need at different stages of your journey. Maybe you thought your best friend would be a good person to vent to, but your friend is going through a tough time. That friend may make a better walking partner instead. Be open to learning who can support you in what manner: emotional, practical or inspiration.

Find a partner – Find a colleague to walk with or a friend with whom you can plan or cook healthy meals.

Join in – Take part in neighbourhood events, community organisations, local exercise classes or active family get-togethers.

Making lifestyle changes can be challenging, so find a support team to cheer you on!

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