Sarah, England

When I first started this online 12-week program I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, I wasn’t someone who was new to the gym or the idea of a healthy lifestyle but I was definitely in need [...]

Dina, Dubai

7 months before I met Mel, it hit me! I was looking in the mirror and noticed I couldn’t fit into my work clothes anymore!!! Daily routines and stress of work took over my life, physically and [...]

Lauren, Dubai

I really could never explain how grateful and lucky I am to have such a dedicated and supportive trainer. With everything I have thrown at Mel throughout the years (with my chronic illnesses) I’m [...]

Michelle, USA

3 Goals & 1 Great Trainer – Mel J! When I met Mel I was engaged and like many brides wanted to lose some weight and get a bit fitter for the big day. But Mel did more than that and my [...]