3 Goals & 1 Great Trainer – Mel J!

When I met Mel I was engaged and like many brides wanted to lose some weight and get a bit fitter for the big day. But Mel did more than that and my journey continued to include losing 15kg, successfully summit Mt Kilimanjaro and getting back into running 10kms!

Through all of this, he challenged me with workouts that helped prepare me and lead me to be more fit and confident to reaching my goals.
Mel keeps the workouts interesting and challenging. He measures and tracks your progress so you can see improvement both in strength and endurance.  Most importantly, Mel pushes you by being positive.

He’s understanding, patient and the most important – motivating. Mel has forever changed to way I look at fitness. Instead of grueling task, it is now how I nourish my body and soul to be the best me I can be.