Joanna, England

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Before I started…

I knew I wanted to do something to change my body but wasn’t taking any action on my own, so I was stuck.

My main challenge was that I had let myself go with my nutrition. I was the heaviest I’d ever been so wasn’t feeling great about not doing any exercise. I’ve always wanted to start strength training but didn’t feel I could do it. In addition, a milestone birthday was approaching so my goal was to look as great as possible before that!

A concern I had before I started was, I felt as though I was going to do the wrong thing and injure myself so I was scared of certain exercises I had associated with bodybuilders. When I started training with Mel, he broke everything down into step by step, achievable tasks and guided me all the way. I later realised, yeah, I can do this.

My biggest achievement…was getting leaner and stronger by the day if you put in the work you’ll get the results one of my biggest challenges which I overcame was maintaining consistency in my training having Mel was giving me the right amount of accountability that I needed to follow through and start seeing those results.

What I like most about training with Mel is that he went all in and I started doing strength training exercises in my first month that previous trainers wouldn’t even show me in 3 months plus of training.

I feel so much stronger, leaner and I now have the consistency in my training. I feel really confident about how I look now. The whole process was really stress relieving too.

I would definitely recommend this service! Try it, I guarantee you’ll want to stick around for more.

I was shocked at how much value I was getting from Mel. He never once held back, he was fully committed to help me achieve my goal, sometimes even more than my own myself!

You are awesome, thank you!!!

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