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It’s often easy to feel motivated and inspired at the start of your journey.

Staying on track can be difficult if you haven’t set the right foundations from the beginning.

1. Plan

Goals often derail because people fail to plan ahead. Have a look at your diary on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Is there anything in there that could throw you off track?

2. Set and focus on fewer goals

Goals require effort. Having multiple goals can sometime skew your focus. Rather than changing everything at once, attack your goals in order of importance. Be specific. Prioritise!

3. Set milestones & maintain good habits

A 12 week goal can be broken down into 3 x 4 week blocks with weekly milestones. Take each day as it comes and focus on improving one thing each day. Progress can feel slow if you’re fixated on only the end goal. Much of what we do is habitual. Developing daily habits that support your goals will make progress a lot easier to come by.

4. Track progress and reward yourself

Looking back isn’t a bad thing when you see how far you’ve come. Try keeping a journal or a log of your daily activities or how they made you feel. Take pictures of your progress! Seeing what you e achieved will only benefit you and your adherence moving forward.

5. Seek encouragement and support. 

Positive, supportive people are pivotal to your achievements. Surround yourself with like-minded people who share your enthusiasm and drive

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