How do I end my weight loss struggles?

 In Wellbeing

What we think is a weight loss struggle is often a psychological struggle that expresses itself through particular eating and exercise behaviours.

To overcome this, we must treat the the root cause, not the effect.

This requires a shift in mindset and perspective.

Take the focus off of weight loss.

1. Understand and accept yourself as you are right now.

2. Let go of perfectionist thinking.

3. Start measuring your self worth in ways that don’t involve the scale.

4. What are your strengths? Reframe weaknesses as areas of opportunity for development and growth even though this doesn’t define you.

5. When your mindset is in a healthy place, you subconsciously create better eating and exercise habits. These habits align with your thoughts and diminishes the ‘struggle’ aspect of your journey.

Are you doing the right things?

Are you doing things right?

Be at peace with where you are and make the necessary adjustments to alter your mind state and behaviour.

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