Have you found your “Why”?

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What is your “Why” for weight loss?

Why do you really want to lose weight?

Your “Why” could be to keep up with your kids as you age.

Your “Why” could be to lower your cholesterol.

Your “Why” could be to prevent disease and live longer

Your Why could be to fit into your old jeans

This is something only you can answer and remind yourself of daily.

The clearer you can be about your reasoning, the more motivated you will be.

Once you know why you want to achieve your goals, planning and execution of your daily strategies becomes clearer.

Find your “Why” and find your way…

Once you understand your why, you’ll be able to understand what drives your behaviour, especially when you’re not at your best.

When you understand your why you have a point of reference for everything you do moving forward.

Now there’s another reason, aside from numerical/aesthetic goals why you can’t eat that cookie.

Once you find your why you are able to make better food and physical activity choices.

It is essential to define your end goal when embarking on any journey. The sooner you define it, the clearer things will become.

Finding your way to your why is an existential problem for many people on a journey to better health.

Direction is therefore paramount once you know what you want to achieve.

Once you’ve found and clearly defined you why, it’s easier to deal with doubts and obstacles.

There is a bigger picture you don’t lose sight of.

The key to achieving tangible goals is sustained movement in the right direction.

Once you gain momentum, who can stop you?

Understand that achieving goals does take time, during which you must stay focused.

Once you know your why, you’ll be more careful and selective about your daily actions.

Knowing your “Why”…

Remind yourself of your ‘why’ often.

Write it down, pin it to your wall.

When it’s cold outside and you have to get up to go to the gym, your ‘why’ kicks into action.

When you understand why and it is important to you, you’ll get up and achieve more than you could imagine.

You’ll make healthier choices.

Your intrinsic drivers will motivate you to move more, eat less, take the stairs or stop eating when you’re satiated.

Find your ‘why’…know your ‘why’ and act on it daily.

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