5 Tips for better food choices

 In Nutrition

We are ultimately in control of what we buy and what we eat most of the time.

If there are foods at home/work we are not supposed to eat whilst on a training/nutrition plan, it’s important to ensure these foods are not easily accessible.

If we are away from home or in environments where we cannot control the availability of food, psychological and behavioural factors are pivotal to achieving the desired results.

Choices are key!

So what can be done?

1. Ensure the home/office draw is stocked with healthy, nutritious and low calories foods – plan shopping trips, write shopping lists.

2. Prepare meals and times with set quantities.

3. Practice self talk, be consciously aware of your food intake and unnecessary/overconsumption.

4. Talk yourself out of eating that extra something you shouldn’t if you’re already satiated.

5. Generally just being aware of portion sizes helps massively. Have a method of measurement that works for you i.e. Eating out of a small bowl instead of a large plate.

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